Pre-amp upgrade: need help, Please - Bent Supratek

Hi all,
I need your advise to upgrade my preamp. My speakers are Ellis 1801b and the power amp is Van Alstine's latest incarnation of Dynaco ST 70 - the Ultimate ST70.

I do not have preferences regarding tubes or SS. I do not care about a phono stage either, as long as I am using a separate phono stage with its separate power supply.

My budget: $1100 - $1200 (for a used one).

I was considering a Supratek, or a Bent NOH. From the more commercial stuff I was thinking to Rotel RC-1090, Vincent/Shanling SA-T1, Cyrus PreX and Linn Kairn.

I use to be a bass guitar player in a progressive rock band - so I love the lows to be properly presented: dynamics, transients, slam and tightness - ALL should be there.

Also, I do not like harsh and strident highs and lows.

I need at least 4 inputs (preferable 6) and just one unbalanced output.

Thank you for your help.
The Supratek is a great preamp. It reproduces bass in my system with great power and control. Tone and harmonics are very good, however I doubt if you will find one for $1100 to $1200. There are not many of these preamps out there because they are hand built one at a time. I know you said the phono stage does not matter to you, but I would highly recommend that anyone who considers buying a Supratek to get one with a phono stage even if you do not have a turntable at the present time. The phono stage is what Mick is famous for. Micks phono stages just kill many units costing much more. Although the line stage is very good too, most people that have one with the phono stage listen mainly to LP's. Just my 2 cents worth.
I have owned two Sonic Frontiers pre-amps...I would recommend both. They are line-level tube units and both are within your price range for a used one.

The SF Line 1 and the SFL-2 (an older model) both have balanced and unbalanced ins/outs and use 6DJ8 type tubes. In my system, I found the sound quite neutral and perhaps a little dark sounding, transparent with well defined detail and very good bass.

I've used them both with solid state and tube amps with excellent results, however, with a tube amp the sound was more pleasing and musical to my ears.

Supratek's are great so is the Bent unit (good luck finding one).

Happy hunting!!
l went from a Supratek to a Bent NOH and havent looked back. Love the transparency, imaging and stunning clarity of the Bent. No loss of dynamics, great bass. Works for me in MY system.

As the others have noted $1200 isn't going to get you a Supratek though. You could pickup a NOH if you can find one used or can wait until bent go back into production late this year.

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