PreAmp advice needed -- Anthem AVM-2 vs AVM-20?


I'm upgrading from a strictly consumer living room to something a little more respectable. Since I'm essentially starting from scratch, I'm looking at separates for the first time and could use some advice!

I auditioned an Anthem setup this past weekend and was definitely impressed. Leaning strongly toward an Anthem PVA or MCA (at least for the front channels .. might want to pair it with something like a used Adcom 2-channel amp for the rear.)

So the PreAmp.. Obviously the AVM-20 ($3000) has been getting a lot of good reviews on the forum here, but the discontinued AVM-2 seems to be a fairly good value with many of the same features (around $900-1200 used), and certainly more within my budget.

My goal is to have a good 5.1 system without neglecting music; but I do listen to movies more often than music. I don't have any good arguments to go beyond 5.1 for awhile.

So the basic question:
(1) Is a used AVM-2 a viable idea now that it's 2004? Or do the features of the AVM-20 justify the price?

(2) I like the Anthem sound, having also auditioned a [new]Rotel preamp, Yamaha RX-V1400/2400 and Marantz receivers. Are there any other units besides the Anthem I should consider as good performers for the price?

The Speakers are a new set of Paradigm Monitors: a pair of Monitor 7s up front, Mini Monitor in rear, and CC-370 center. I'm hoping that will keep me for awhile.

Thanks for any advice: have read a lot of good reaction to Anthem on this forum, and would appreciate any insight as to the AVM-2 vs. AVM-20 -- or something else?
I bought an AVM-2 after the 20 came out. It was the only way I could afford it. I think the sound quality is the same in both-AWESOME.
All I miss on the 2 is pro logic II. I wish that I could add this but anthem doesn't have an upgrade for dpl II. I use this for 5.1 plus 5 channel music. It is unbeleiveable. For the money difference, I would do it over again in a heartbeat.
I believe the AVM-20 uses better DAC's internally than the AVM-2 did. If you check out Antem's web site you can find a number of reviews on both pre's.
Thanks for the feedback..

I noticed that Anthem has a comparison chart of the AVM-2, AVM-20 (v.1) and AVM-20 (v.2). The AVM-20 has 192 KHz DACs (vs 96 KHz in the AVM-2).

I'm not sure from reading the spec sheet and comparison chart whether the AVM-2 "upconverts" composite/S-Video signals to the component video output.. can anyone confirm?