Preamp i.c.w. Triode Corp TRX-M300....complicated specs to combine, or not?

Hello music lovers!
Simple question...which preamp specs?
What do those 310A pre and 310A drive tubes do in the Triode power amp??
Do they need different output specs from a preamp...I lost it###
My Bryston BDA DAC has an 2,3 volt output.
Living Voice 94dB at 6ohm speakers.
The TRX-M300 has 0,9volt input sensitivity and 100Kohm impedance and 90dB S/N and 8Watt/8ohm.
On my list is a Supratek Cabernet (semi) DHT (and maybe a SJS Arcadia model 7).
I have been reading a lot but I can't find what I want to know.
Signalcables will be unbalanced.
With (semi)DHT I mean 6sn7 drive and 300B output tubes....I know this is not fully DHT.
It's quit logic that the potentio knob is made to use from zero to about ?2 o'clock? I'm afraid that it will run the power amp to the max with 9 or 10 o'clock with the wrong preamp specs.
Hope you tech guys can help me!