Prefered Freight Company

I was wondering if there was any frieght companies that anyone would want to warn me about or recomend? I have been in the markey for some speakers and I have seen some very high freight rates. I dont mind paying, but I figured I would ask...
Have the freight company put a layer of double, or triple, strength cardboard around the speakers > crazy, do it yourself they are not going to do it for you unless you are paying them to do it.
Regarding Greyhound, and I don't know if this is valid today, my friend told me that security was porous and theft very high back when he was working there.
Sorry to hear about CF. If you palletize - mark the freight load X boxes on palate -do not accept if pallet load is broken.Movers are tempted to break up loads to fit more stuff into their trailer - indicating how many boxes on the pallet and telling the freight receiver to not accept it unless they are all still on the pallet will prevent this.
We once had a single speaker of a matched pair leave Baltimore -visit the midwest where it's partner was unloaded - go on to California and then finally come home to the midwest.O/O swore up and down that it wasn't in his trailer -did show up a couple of weeks latter with it.My guess is he knew he stuffed it somewhere up in the nose and just didn't want to unload the whole trailer to get to it.
A late addition to this thread. Just to add to Fin1bxn's recommendation of Old Dominion for Magnepan owners. Magnepan recommended Old Dominion to me (when I shipped 3.5Rs back to the factory for renovation). They also use Old Dominion for many of their commercial shipments. My experience with them was good (albeit not cheap).