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Just a heads-up - The Mobile Fidelity KOB SACD has been released. Was it worth the wait? Well, I don’t know... I pre-ordered it in 2011 and that’s a long time to me. Qualitywise and subjectively speaking, it might be a little on the polite side co... 
Any San Francisco area Vapor owners?
Hi Bander, If this doesn’t get a positive response, try calling Vapor to see if they can assist you in finding someone in your area. 
Stillpoints ERS cloth for EMI/RFI
My experience parallels those of Geofkait and Tubegroover. This stuff is like Cilantro - you have to get the proportion just right. I actually wound up cutting the sheets into very small strips and dots - nothing bigger than a half inch square. I ... 
Room size & choosing speakers
Mksr, A consideration that I didn’t see addressed is speaker placement relative to room boundaries. If your office will see a lot of traffic, speakers that are optimized for placement well out into the room might be an issue. If your room configur... 
Audio Icon/Idol - Who would you like to meet?
Grooveyrecords, What were you doing down in this part of the dungeon? 
Free Free Free
I can’t take you up on your thoughtful offer Steve, but that’s nice of you. 
Favorite 300B: Sophia vs KR
Great post Watersidedave. It's going to help a lot of 300b lovers understand tube selection a bit better. I’m also happy that ultimately, you found Sue and Richard as accommodating as I have. 
JM Lab Nova Be or Eggleston andra 3 ? anyone?
Heard most of your mentioned speakers and plenty more and the JM Lab Nova Be have yet to be beaten to my ears. Astonishing in the right system. Hate to be the Bogeyman here, but if every member of Audiogon chirps in with their opinion, you will be... 
New on audiogon
Welcome Acidfolk. That’s very nice equipment you bought. That being said, if you had come to us sooner, I‘m pretty sure that you would have been strongly advised to make speakers your first priority; not the amp and source. However, moving forward... 
Oldest piece of gear you own
I have a conrad johnson Premier V that I’m not currently using. But I’m having a hard time letting go. 
Which tubes?
Highrolller,Please disregard my smart-ass response to what I thought was a ridiculously brief inquiry. I didn’t realize that it was a follow-up to a much more appropriate post that nobody answered. I recommend giving Andy at Vintage Tube Services ... 
Which tubes?
Cca Philips Holland made for Valvo (ultra premium 6DJ8/6922) RARE 1950s PINCH WAIST D-GETTER, gold pins. 
Rating system insanity
Itsalldark, You’ve been a member since 2001 and have initiated 38 threads - each one, a request for help or personal advise. You would think that the significant number of members who responded to this thread, asking for your help, would at least... 
I can only hope that my system (and disposable income) continues to rise to the type of audio zenith required in order for me to justify allocating the next audio dollar for these cables. 
How do you judge your system's neutrality?
I think we’ve found the next big audio tweak - The adjustable, micro calibrated head clamp.