Preference - Sonus Faber, Dynaudio or Focal


I am about to pull the trigger and purchase main speakers. After auditioning many I am down to 3. Sonus Faber Cremona M, Dynaudio Confidence 2 and the Focal Electra 1038 BE. I really like all 3 but have never been able to audition them in the same place. The Focal was never in contention as I was unfamiliar with them however they were awesome! I liked them over The B & W 802D and they were thousands less. I cant believe the sound that comes out of The Sonus, such a small speaker compared to the others I demo'd and just love the sound. The Dyno's really look appealing have a nice smooth sound.
A tough choice.
Any input would be appreciated.

Any input would be appreciated
Really tough choices. Chocolate or Vanilla?

I would focus on the music or instruments that you follow as major factor and electronics (tubes or SS.) Determine the strong points of M and 2.

Could you live with either M or 2 and be satisfied with listening experience for 5 years? If so it may not be a right or wrong selection.
IMO your choice is between the SF and Dynaudio. Both are excellent choices. I have owned the Dyns and they would be my first choice. I like their dynamics and overall sound and speed compared to the SF Cremona M which I find a touch warm and less dynamic. Give them both one more listen with your favorite music and take your spkr cables with you. Set the spkrs up in a similar configuaraion as you have at home.
I have had the Cremora M's for almost a year now. I use them with monoblocked Pathos integrateds and like them alot. I like their overall tonal balance and touch of warmth. It's too bad you can't compare them at a dealer. My Sonus dealer does stock Focal. But I knew I wanted Sonus from the beginning so I didn't compare. Good Luck.
Before I ever heard Dynaudio the Creamora auditors m were at the top of my list. I really liked the overall presentation although a little 'laid back and warm'. Then I heard the Dyn C1's and that was the sound I was looking for and just had to have them.

Now that being said this was at 2 different dealers. I brought my speakers that I wanted to replace because it was my reference of what I was used to and wanted to achieve. Needless to say I bought the Dyn's and since upgraded to the signatures. IMO the SF look better but I didn't buy for looks, I bought for the sound. That's my opinion

Good Luck
Thanks for your feedback.

I am leaning towards the Sonus Faber. I could live with any of them however I can get the Sonus for $2000 less than the Dyno's and they are brand new. The Dyno's were demo's. The Focal's came in at an additional $3000.

Thinking if I grow tired of The SF I can probably sell them at close to what I am paying for them.
I am currently using an Emotiva XPA5 - 200 x 5. I may upgrade. I would keep the current amp for the center and rears and get a 2 x 250 - 2 channel or mono blocks for the mains. I would probably again get the Emotiva unless I saw a good deal on used.

I use this for mostly music, either 2 channel or 5.1 with sacd's or audio DVD'S with an occasional movie.
The SF's are very nice but the main difference when I was looking at the monitors both the SF and Dyn's were the same price. Not sure what I would have done had there been a lower price on the SF's. As much as I prefer floorstanders they just don't work well in my room. Anyhow congratulations!!!
A few years ago I actually addition all 3.IMO the the SF were not true to the recording.Some call it warm or darkish.The Focal 1038B was better(I did own utopias the year before) but my knock on that speaker was the tweeter was bright and un-natural,the same reason I sold the utopias.I liked the C2s but found the bass to shy for my taste so I bought the C4s.I would suggest listening to the NEW confidence line before pulling the trigger.