Preventing marks on chassis of my CD player

I am currently forced to stack several components on top of each other due to lack of room. Barring running out an buying a suitable rack (not quite ready) would putting pieces of waxed paper between the feet of one component and the chassis of the one below harm anything? The rubber feet from my Genesis Digital Lens left some marks on my Sony CD player and I want to prevent this from happening again. The three items, from bottom to top are: Sony DVP-555ES, Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista 21 Tube DAC, Genesis Digital Lens. I am most concerned with marking up the MF DAC as it is an expensive item. Any comments would be appreciated. Please bear in mind this is only a temporary solution (maybe 3 months or less) as I will be constucting a maple butcher block stand for all of my components.
I have had many components that had square, rubber feet on the bottom and haven't had any real issue with marking up the lower component from them. You could buy these feet (ones like them) @ home depot for pennies. They wil HELP, but do be advised, if you are going for absolute perfection...nothing but a rack will work! You could, and in this case should buy a cheap rack (Salamander's can usually be had for ~$120 and put the equipment on that for now, you can always sell it later for only a small loss.
use cork sheets or cutouts that you can buy from home depot or any hardware store. The felt pads in the same section should do well also.
or ... pick up some $2 mouse pads at Staples ... it will give you a greater area of protection, as well as some cushioning ... just be careful not to block any vents.

Regards, Rich