Preview: CODA Technologies new generation number#8 Stereo Amplifier

I have always had a keen interest in hearing a CODA amplifier in my own system for a long time. This company has been in existence for over twenty years. It's if they were a "stealth" product, very few American reviews, built many highly regarded amplifiers for other companies as an OEM source, and most of their products are loved/sold in the Asian/European markets.

I finally was able to set up a review for on their new generation single chassis number#8 amplifier.  Internally, their has been some very important changes in the power supply, along with "kept in house" different part selections through out the entire circuit pathway.  Externally, the #8 has a pair of blue light power meters and is quite a good looking piece of gear. The build quality and parts used are at the highest level.  The number#8 amplifier is 150 watts into 8 Ohms and 300 watts into 4 Ohms.  The first 18 watts is pure class A.  Regardless of the volume levels I play the amp never leaves its class A rating.  Like all Coda amplifiers a special quality is the #8 ability to provide 150 Amperes of current if needed!

Well, the beauty of what this amplifier has brought to my system has lead to all night long listening sessions.  I have owned/reviewed other great SS amplifiers. However, the #8, being driven by the new Linear Tube Audio MicroZOTL preamplifier has some special qualities, here are a few:

1) It might be the quietest amplifier I have ever had in my system.  This allows all the micro-details to float out and be heard.  Yet, the #8 never sounds edgy/electrical/mechanical as other very detailed amps can.
2) It's lighting fast and provides the speed and aliveness you find in live music to a higher degree then other amps I have had in my system.
3) The overall tonality is "silky-smooth" with not a touch of grain/dryness.
4) The macro-dynamics overall and the control of the bottom end are superlative.

In my review I'll get into all the details why this is a killer amplifier!  I also think its a "bargain" at it's retail price of $6,500.00.  So, if your in the market I strongly suggest you might want to hear the #8 before you purchase another amplifier.  It's that good.

Anthem has ARC.

How important is room correction software?

Apples and Oranges. This is a pure amp. Anthem does not have a pure amp with ARC. Only ingegrateds.

For music, ARC can really help the subs integrate well.

But ideally, have good room acoustics first, then apply ARC.


@jujubeez The Anthem ARC is in the separate STR preamp and also the STR integrated not in the separate STR amp.

I am going to do a have a dealer do a DSP shootout for me with Lyngdorf 2170 | Linn SELEKT DSM | Anthem STR in a truly bad room. I will use a separate amp for all 3 demos. That is where an amp like the CODA 8 sounds interesting to me. I heard the Lyngdorf 2170 with $15K Simaudio 860A amp and it sounded superb (no DSP was used). The CODA sounds extremely promising for the same purpose at $6.2K.

Having DSP on the preamp section seems to be the what most companies are doing. There are a lot more companies that have DSP solutions but I am focusing on the 3 above which 1 dealer has for demo.
Yysantabarbera we do believe that the Coda is going to be fantastic so much so we ordered one.

This will give us 3 killer $6k amps the 400 watt Anthem Str, the 175watt Krell XD 175 at $7 and the 150w Coda at 6.2k

The Anthem Str is an amazing deal for $4k preamp dac room corrector.

With the persona 5f that would be one fantastic setup.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
I have been thinking of a CODA for about 6 months now. I was tempted to buy that 50 watt Class A amp they have for $4.5K but I needed a bit more power for the speakers I owned at that time. I am glad I waited and this new #8 sounds interesting. 

I like the idea of a streamer + DAC + maybe room correction hooked up to a separate high quality amp like this CODA #8 is being described.
Sounds like a great amp! I haven't seen it yet on their website, but I am concerned by the low input impedances into the balanced inputs of their other amps. Some of them are only 1K ohms into a balanced input, but 50K into the RCA inputs. I don't ever recall ever seeing an impedance that low into a balanced input. Teajay - do you know the input impedance of the amp? Of course the LTA preamp has a very low output impedance and therefore the pairing with the CODA amp would not be a problem.