Primaluna pre paired with a class D amp

Hello everyone...

I'm interested in pairing, specifically, the Primaluna EVO 100 pre with a class D amp (likely something in the ~$1000 range).

Can't imagine I'm the first to 'experiment' in this direction, so wanted to know what others had experienced and would suggest in terms of amp, concerns around impedance matching, etc. 




I am not sure how many PL owners would pair a $3K tube pre with a $1K Class D amp.  

I do the reverse ... a PL Prologue 5 power amp with a Musical Fidelity SS cd player/ preamp (CD PRE 24).  I also have a Rogue Sphinx v3, which would be the configuration that you are looking at, but the pre stages are not in the same league.

Rather than suggest a $1000 Class D amp based on reviews, why not give a call to Upscale Audio and ask them what they would recommend.  

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