Primaluna Preamp Users' Experiences Driving Solid State Amplifiers

Hi everyone,

I am considering purchasing a Primaluna preamp (Dialogue Premium or Evo 300) to drive my solid state Simaudio 330a amp. With the amp in standby mode, would turning the Primaluna on/off put the 330a in protect mode? I experienced this with my current tube preamp, and my workaround was to totally shut down the 330a (i.e., shutting down all current going to the amp) before turning the preamp on/off. Would I need to do the same if I purchased a Primaluna? I understand the units have a "soft start" feature, and I don't know if this will help and if it did, if it would it also help when powering down.



I've had the Primaluna Prologue Premium preamp for several years now and have had absolutely no issues with my Pass XA30.5 or Carver Crimson 275 amps while powering up or down when they are in the stand-by mode. With your volume turned all the way down on the preamp, you should not be experiencing any amplifier shut-down.   

@motoraway Thank you!  I appreciate you sharing your experience with your PL preamp. If I buy one my problem is finding a place to put it :)

It is probably a good idea to turn your amps off first and turn them on last.


I run an Evo 300 into Van Alstine monoblocks (which are left on 24/7) and have no issues turning the Evo on and off

I used an Evo 400 preamp into Nad M23/Apollon Purifi. No issues with either power amp. i let the Evo preamp do its usual routine on startup and only turn on the power amp when the preamp is ready for use.