PrimaLuna Prologue one speaker match

Hi. I have a Primaluna PL1 connected to Klipsch Chorus speakers. Great sound but ugly speakers. I am thinking of replacing them with either the Definitive Technology BP 9020 or the Dali Zensor 3. Which would you recommend? I know the PL1 is 38 wpc. Is it enough to drive either of these speakers? Also, is there a problem using the builtin-in subwoofers on the BP9020 with the PL1?
The amp/speaker match is very important to achieve good sound. No doubt your current Klipsch/Primaluna combination is an excellent match. Since you have been accustomed to the dynamics of that combination, changing to a speaker with a much lower sensitivity will likely be a disappointment.

I'm sure the Elac mentioned is a fine speaker, however not a good match for the Primaluna. It's rated sensitivity is 85db, but being a 4 ohm speaker, that must be reduced by 3db for comparison to an 8 ohm speaker. So, 82db with the Klipsch being 101db, a 19db difference. Using the Primaluna with the Elac would be like driving the Klipsch with a 1/2 wpc amp. Also, think about life of the power tubes.

Thanks for all your great suggestions. Maybe I ought to just stick with the Klipsch and dress them up. Perhaps put a flower vase on top of each or paint them the color of the wall, lol. You are so right, I absolutely love the sound, and giving up that for an aesthetically pleasing speaker, but less oomph may not be a good idea. Maybe I will wait a while.
Once again thanks for all the inputs.
Lol!My brother has some older Cornwall lls and has placed a concrete gargoyle on top of each.