I’m thinking about giving a full tube setup a go and Primaluna in particular.  Looking to hear people’s experiences with Primaluna in general. My main draw to them outside of tubes is there auto bias and protective features.  Wondering if people generally replace a single bad tube or if people are replacing all tubes of that type when there’s a failure.  Also would be interested if there were any other companies with at least a similar protective feature. The auto bias sounds great but the protective features are a bigger deal to me.  


 And while you want to buy cheaper Chinese-designed brands and wing it, most people want a known product with a proven track record and no hassles. If all someone can afford is $1200, then they have no choice I guess. Not my concern.

Nice attitude Kevin.  I think you should have stopped long before this, but this quote really gets my back up.  I've bought some tubes and a subwoofer from your store, but since I don't really want to spend 5k on an amp I guess that doesn't matter.  I really enjoy music on my moderately priced set up, and I'll probably buy a few things in the future, but it won't be from you.  It's elitist A-holes such as yourself that ruin the experience of audio and music enjoyment for so many.


Last time I'll be here, I forgot how much audiophiles can ruin music enjoyment.  

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@mozartfan - my observation is that a well-run luxury brand emphasizing quality *never* runs a “sales event”, both to maintain long-term economics as well as value associated with the brand. They might offer discount on an older product line as it is being replaced ( @upscaleaudio might smack this assertion around)

If second-hand prices are falling, or dealers are selling “grey market” at a discount, then the maker cuts production and lives with lower revenue for a few years, but maintains pricing

The second-hand market is where price-sensitive buyers look for less expensive entry points

Rolex. Porsche. Hermes.  Companies with brand value including quality and longevity, that sell massive volumes, but never discount

Appreciate the above contains generalizations in service of sharing an idea

We need our audio dealers and they need to make a profit or we wouldn't have any. A reason so much cheap tube gear is out there is because much of it has no return or warranty support. As Kevin mentioned if that's all you can buy that's not his concern doesn't sound elitist to me. But still, any dealer that goes into an open public forum and self promotes will get some grief it's just the way it is and these forums or groups are really not the place for it. You most likely turn off as my buyers as you turn on.