Primare CD32 - well primed

I have an affinity for vinyl but own quite a few Redbook CDs & as many of them are not available on vinyl I wanted a fairly inexpensive single-box player.
I had previously owned a handful of mid-priced players (Ayon CD-32, Bel Canto CD-1, Roksan Caspian etc...) so was happy to purchase a unit around the same performance considering what I wanted to pay.

I read some favourable reviews on the Primare CD32; in particular Brian Damkroger’s review in Stereophile - (I know many reviews are tinged with bias/affiliations) but still felt intrigued as even the RRP was quite low.
I managed to negotiate a very good deal on an ex dem unit which arrived yesterday. All I can say is anyone looking for an inexpensive single-box player needs to audition this. Everything in Brian’s review is correct!

I’ve heard high-end players & factoring the used market value of the CD32 (when they are available) & its performance, then this is the bargain of the decade. This really is a seriously good player.

I use a Pass XP-20 pre, Gamut M250i mono blocks & Tannoy DC10T speakers.

I just wanted to share my experience for those looking for a top single-box player minus the top price...& perhaps to offer hope in the credibility in some reviews!

I have no affiliation with Primare or Brian!
Thank You! infection.

I am interested in this player as well. It uses a new Sanyo-based drive that is better than previous Primare models. PLease keep me posted as you integrate this spinner into your system.  Happy Listening!
Greetings infection,  I know this is an older post but and I hold hopes that you were still tied-in to this post as I would surely love to hear more of your experiences with the CD32.  I am in the process of picking one up also (its about an 8 month old unit).  I have read several reviews, all favorable and I am excited to hear what this unit can do.  and yes, I have no affilliation with anyone...except my wife of course...