Primare Pre-30, Bryston Bp-25, Plinius CD LAD

I am going to purchase a solid state pre amp just to test the solid state water. I currently run a tubed pre amp to a Bryston 4BST driving a pair of Sonus Faber Cremona speakers. I have some really nice NOS tubes and love the way it sounds but want to try the solid state world for a while without sinking a ton of money into it. I was thinking about these three pre amps listed above. Anyone have any thoughts or recommendation on which I should consider buying? Thanks in advance for your knoweldgeable responses.

I don't have direct experience with either of the above. However, if it helps, I also have Vienna Acoustics speakers and when I was originally researching their purchase, Primare was considered a good match for Viennas.

Hope this helps.
I've got a Bryston BP-6 (probably sounds more alike than different to the BP-25) and love it for its neutrality and crystal clear view of the soundstage. I'm guessing it will sound very different from your tube pre, so maybe something a little more polite would be a more palatable transition? I've got my BP-6 paired to a McCormack DNA 0.5 Rev. A and it's great, but when I had it hooked up to a Bryston 2BSST it was a little too lean sounding for me but might work with your Sonus Fabers depending on your tastes. Hope this helps and best of luck.
Soix. Thanks for your response. I am leaning towards the Bryston after a little more research. Any other advice or insight out there?