Pro Audio Gear?

Does anyone know of a website similar to AudioGon which deals with pro audio gear? I would like to find a site which deals in used gear. And, one which has a blue book of used prices etc. And, links to manufactuers would be nice as well.
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I've done some shopping on, i don't think they have a bluebook (haven't been there in a while), and in general the site made me really appreciate audiogon. But they do sell used pro gear.
PS: ProAudio.Net I mention above (The Pro Audio Network) is similar to Audiogon. It has news, articles, classifieds, dealer shopping, reviews, links, and discussion threads (forums).
Be forewarned, pro audio forums are many times not congenial to audiophile topics and ideas. Our concerns for tweaks, in particular, is often the source of much merriment if not open ridicule and derision.

Be ready for it.