Pro-ject Streambox S2 Ultra with Denafrips DAC Issue

Does anyone who has the combination of the Pro-ject Streambox S2 Ultra and Denafrips Pontus II (or other Denafrips) have the issue of the Denafrips not receiving a native DSD file?  I have a few DSD files on a thumbdrive and my Pontus II's DSD led will not light when playing these files from the Streambox.  They appear to be converted to PCM during playback.  I have DSD direct set in the Volumio app.  Any help here appreciated!


Well....I guess the Streambox is not the unit to have (with a Denafrips dac) if you're set on playing DSD files in native format. 

Update.  I started playing with different settings in the Volumio software and turning the "mixer" setting off fixed the issue.  Now the Denafrips is receiving and recognizing my dsd files and playback is good!