Pro-ject Tube Box DS - power supply

I just bought a used Pro-ject Tube Box DS (not DS2) and will install it this week with some new tubes from National (Canada) that are recommended by an on-line tube retailer. I see a number of "audiophile" separate power supply boxes from China for sale that work with this model but do not know if I would perceive any sonic difference (or reduced hum perhaps) if I spent $130.00 for an external power supply. Anyone have any experience or insight that might help my decision? 


I bought one and it did make a difference in sound for my Tube Box DS. The bass was tighter and I perceived more detail from my rig. That said, it was perhaps a little too much detail. Sometimes I felt the music was a bit "etched" sounding. My speakers (Zu Audio Omen) can sometimes sound too detailed as well. Depends if you think you'd like some more detail in your system. In the end, I tend not to use the separate power supply and just stick to the wall wart. 

Getting the right tubes to suit your musical taste is a key factor with this little box - tubes can make the difference between a very musical presentation, or being too analytical

Unfortunately My days using tubes are not even in the rear view mirror any longer, so I cannot remember which brand of tubes were best

Here’s a link that lists several brands - 12AX7 / ECC83 / CV4004 Tube Types

But I would start another thread pertaining to the 12AX7 specificaly and get peoples thoughts on the musical qualities of each brand.

Also, DO NOT be guided by price because there are some very good tube brands that are in the affordable end of the spectrum

Upgrading the power supply will make a difference, but I think getting the right tubes might be a more satisfying solution. Once you have the right sound you culd try upgrading the power supply

Regards - Steve