ProAC / Shunyata / Linn / Rogue Audio - Whats Next? Japanese ? Vintage?

Hey Everyone, 

I am relatively new to this world, but have jumped in pretty quick and absolutely loving it. 

My current set up is 

ProAC D20s (also have a pair of Tablette 10 Anniversary - Love them, so powerful for such little guys)

Linn LP12 Majik with a Vintage Ekos Arm, MC Krystal and Lingo Power Supply

Rouge Audio Magnum III with Shunyata Delta NR V2 Power Cord

Shunyata D6 with Delta XC 

I am waiting on a pair of ProAC Speaker Cables and currently demoing the Naim NAC


I recently picked up a pair of Altec 19s in great shape and excited to have those. Not quite sure how I will integrate them into the system yet, but it's a piece of history that I am excited about. I used to live in Japan, so I certainly an excited about some things like AudioNote and could potentially be something to look at? 

I saw a beautifully restored McIntosh MC240 that I thought would be amazing to perhaps look at replacing the Rogue Audio with. I do love it, but it does seem like the first place that might be worth upgrading? 


What would you do if you were in my situation? And what are some of the first steps at improving? Is it looking at finding unique pieces to replace the integrated amp? 

Excited to hear!!







You have a nice system, and not what one would expect to find for someone relatively new to the game.  Your Rogue amps are quite good, but, I agree that an alternative would be a good place to look for improvement.  The ProAc dealer in my area runs Tablettes and D2 speakers primarily with tube amps from Synthesis.  I am a big fan of that companies electronics, particularly their amps that run KT 66 tubes.  For levels I listen at, their A4o model (40 watts per channel) would work, but, their A 100 model (two pairs of KT 66 per channel) has more weight and punch).  Both models come with a very good built-in DAC, so you can get into digital just by adding a streamer, such as Sonos.  You might be surprised how good their digital gear sounds.

One of the things this dealer does to completely shock customers is to use a super high quality linestage and $13,000 amp on the Tablettes to demonstrate how important is the amplifier.  The Tablettes sound amazing with such amplifiers.

One more thing: while I an not a fan of current McIntosh gear, some of their older gear is quite good, including the 240.  I am a fan of the 6L6 tube.  This tube sounds like the KT 66 tube I mentioned above in the Synthesis amps I recommend.  A well refurbished 240 should be less costly than a new A 40, but, I still think the A 40 would be worth the additional cost.

Thanks so much! @larryi 

I actually just found a beautiful MC240 and was thinking of adding in a few Shindo pieces! 

Besides the mutual love of wine that Shindo has, I just love everything about them!

I think the Shindo and old MC240 would be very good together. The A 40 is certainly interesting - I do love the idea of having something so timeless like the MC240 even though maybe the sound of the A 40 might be more powerful!