Problem with Magnepan 1.5QRs Help

Has anyone had this problem?

I have 1.5 QRs that are several years old. I was away allot and did not really use them for a couple of months. Now when I use them I am etting static-like distortions on loud, pure high frequncy sounds. I do not believe this is electronics, though I have not yet swapped in other speakers. I use Musical Fidelity A3cr amp and pre, ARCAM CD player as transport and Muse 296 DAC with analysis plus cables. Could a quassi-ribbon be blown? Any ideas?

Sounds like a blown quasi ribbon or wire separation from the mylar. You can go to the planar asylum and get the info you need for repairing if you want to keep them. You could also send them to the factory for repair.
It turns out the problem is the pre-amp, so I posted a thread in that forum.