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Problem with Magnepan 1.5QRs Help
It turns out the problem is the pre-amp, so I posted a thread in that forum.Thanks, 
Which speaker for Musical Fidelity a3.2 ?
The Magnepan 1.6QRs are phenomenal sounding for the money. I drive them with the Musical Fidelity A3cr pre and power amp which is very similar to the 3.2 integrated and have wonderful results.Good Luck. 
Used Wadia 16 for $2200, can you do any better?
In that price range, I prefer the Muse Model Nine Signature. 
UPS strikes again
Actually by far the most reliable and safe shipper is DHL even when they go to the third world the package never leave the control of their direct employees and they are amazingly careful. They are also, however, amazingly expensive. I once shippe... 
Which Amp for Magnepan MG 3.6/R?
The new Musical Fidelity A308cr power amp is an amazing match. 
Help with $600 to $800 integrated amp
Aused Musical Fidelity A3 or even A300 if you could find a used one in your range would be a step up from what's on your list now IMHO. 
$2K to spend on used SS linestage, but which?
Musical Fidelity A3.2cr new or A308 if you can find one used. 
Musical Fidelity Experts needed..
The limited production units are "Nu-Vista" not Tri-Vista and they are limited because they use these small tube-like Nu-Vistors thatare much easier to take care of and last for 10 years or more. They have one set of replacements saved for each un... 
used high-end DAC or affordable newer model?
I tried both approaches and ended up with a used Muse Model 296. They now sell for under $1400 and though their technology is behind the new Muse 192, they were so far ahead when they came out that they still haveup-sampling and other newer featur... 
Digital Clock Question
With a regular (not I2s) digital connection the processor clock will become a "slave" to the CD clock, or more precisely to that clock as reflected by the speed of the incoming digital information. In professional gear and a few high end products ... 
Maggie1.6 bi-wire or single?
I bi-wire my Maggies, but I agree that a better single run could be the way to go IF (and this is the all mportant if) you replace the maggie jumper with a jumper from very good speaker wire with excellent plugs - zip plugs, or bare wire or maybe ... 
Starting over
Musical Fidelity A3.2cr pre and power combo - $3200 new. 
What kind of amp?
The three really strong solid state amps in your range IMHO are:1) the Musical Fidelity A3cr ($1600 new, $1000 used) - there is an even better A300cr (not to be confused with the A300 integrated amp) which is around $3k new (I've never seen one us... 
CDP upgrade or even swap - what can 2-3K buy?
If you move up to the Muse Model Nine signature, or better yet replace the DAC with a Muse two ninety six and perhaps even the transport with a model eight. THe 296 is phenomenal and a big improvement over the 2. You can find them used for arounf ... 
Flavor Of the Month
I agree that as a buyer the FOTM syndrome is great. I bought the phenomenal Muse Two Ninety Six DAC in Mint condition for one-third of its price because they came out with a 192 kHz oversampling DAC. It is very difficult for manufacturers of produ...