Problem with McIntosh C-47 and MCT-450 using Digital DIN cable to playback SACD

I have the McIntosh C-47 Preamp and the McIntosh MCT-450 Transport and I have it connected to the C-47 via Digital DIN cable so I can playback SACD. I purchased the MCT-450 with the hope of growing my SACD collection (I have about 20+ SACDs and thousands of Redbook CDs). I have never had any issues when playing back Redbook CDs. However, when I playback SACD the player intermittently has audio dropout for a second or so throughout the disc. I know it’s not bad disc because if I go back to the same spot where the dropout occurred I will not be able to duplicate the issue.  Again, this happens to all of my SACDs (Example: I have the entire Dead Can Dance SACD MoFi Japanese release and it happens on all of them). It appears if I leave the MCT-450 on for awhile the chances of the audio dropout occurring is reduced. 

I have tried all suggestions from McIntosh Support: Their recommendation was to connect the power cable of both C-47 and MCT-450 to a cheap power strip that doesn’t have any complex circuit so as it won’t cause grounding potential issue on the MCT-450. That sounded fishy to me but  still I tried it with no success. They now want me to take it (MCT-450) to the dealer and see issue occurs there - to eliminate DAC (on C-47) and/or DIN cable issue- which I haven’t gotten around to because I have such a small collection of SACD that these days if I know I’m going to be listening to SACD I just power on the transport and leave it on for few hours prior to my listening session and that normally seems to do the trick - but not always.

Other than the brief audio drop out - as if someone presssd mute- on rare occasions instead of silence I have heard what sounded like digital noise - chirping etc.  Again- all this happens only during SACD playback and never occurs during Redbook playback.

I had searched for anyone reporting similar issse but didn’t come across it so would appreciate feedback from those with the MCT-450 using the Digital DIN cable.


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Thank you but I had indeed seen that thread; however, my issue is bit different in that it doesn’t happen only during when a track starts or in eternity tracks but happens even during middle of a song even in the middle of loud passage. I do think it’s a DAC issue because it’s so specific to SCAD only.
 I had a C 47. Mackintosh does a lot of things extremely well in my opinion. Digital is not one of them. 
...I meant to say, for my case “it doesn’t only happen during when a tract starts, as the other thread seem to indicate as known issue, but in my case it happens even in the middle of a song....”

I had a Classé CP-800 that broke and liked the idea of using DIN for SACD between the MCT and MC-47 but seems the issues is in the DSD conversion by the DAC in the C-47 if I’m understanding correctly and not an issue when the MCT-450.
Hello - 

I owned a C47 and still own a MCT450. Here is what I know as I encountered a similar issue.

Before the C47 I had a D150. Never had one issue with playing SACD over the DIN connector

Upgraded to the C47 as I wanted an analog preamp. While I did not have the drop out or silence issue you have, mine expressed itself as static. The music was still there but the static was a burst of noise for about 5 seconds. Random and never occurred at the same spot on the same SACD.

Took advantage of an upgrade offer and it became a D1100. No problems and life is good. The D1100 is significantly better than the D150 and the C47. No contest. I believe it has to do with it being dual mono, dual power supplies and excellent analog outs.

Added a C70 as I will be adding a Linn LP12 in late spring. The C70 is the cherry on top. Love it and makes the whole system come together.

Back to the C47 - I do think there is something weird going on with it. Perhaps try updating the firmware in both the C47 and MCT450. May require a factory round trip. Also try a replacement cable but moving from the C47 to the D1100 cleared my problem up. The common thread is the C47. This feels like a clock issue between the MCT450 and the C47.

As far as SACD goes I am a big proponent. I have the entire MoFi Dead Can Dance SACD collection as well and love it on my system. Also have the entire Peter Gabriel single layer SACDs and a bunch of SHMs. If you like Tangerine Dream, seek out their SHM SACDs as well. 
Hi, I have the exact same problem.   I have a McIntosh C52 with an Mct 450.  I got the same response from McIntosh.   Have you rectified the problem with your system?  
Thanks, I hope you can help me out. 
I have one and I  still have a problem.  This is what the forum  is all about.   Can someone help?
I have not been able to resolve this issue. I have tried leaving on the MCT450 for days on end to see if it helps with the random dropout of sound when playing SACD through DIN. 
Macintosh recommend I take the unit back to my dealer to see they can reproduce the issue but never found time to do so. Now that I’m stuck at home been playing more music and sure enough playing SACD still has that issue.

I am certain the issue is with how the MCT450 is sending data to C-47 via DIN.

Please let me know if you guys had better luck than me.
Since I’ve been stuck at home due to the shelter in place order I’ve been trying out few things to see if I can make this problem go away and no matter what I’ve tried the issue remains. The only I can playback a SACD disc without this issue is if I change the disc layer setting on the MCT450 to CD instead of SACD (which defeats the purpose of buying a SACD) but doing so causes no issues and the CD layer on the same SACD disc plays back fine. Thus, I have to assume this is an issue what the MC-47 DAC on how it handles the SACD data stream from the digital DIN cable coming in from the MCT450.
C2700 and MCT 450 same problem! I get static when I play back SACD, CD’s are fine. McIntosh replaced the cable it worked the first time I did the swap!! hooray, turned if off and static is back.... Seems to be random. Upgraded all C2700 firmware. bummer.  Also 50 miles to nearest dealer and COVID, only have 10 or so SACD, but should work for price of this stuff

Hoping among all hopes I also just purchased a brand new C2700 from local authorized dealer only to have the same exact issue with the MCT450 and SACD playback using the MCT cable connected to the C2700. :-(

I have the MCT450 at local authorized repair center now but unfortunately they didn’t have a way to test MCT connection (you would think an authorized McIntosh Repair Center would have this ability to do so) so they asked me to bring in my C2700. Now I have both my MCT450 and my brand new C2700 there and it’s been about a week with no luck- they said they are working with McIntosh for solutions. I contacted McIntosh to see if they can help, let’s see where this goes. Wish me luck.


I have some great news to share. The service manger from McIntosh was able to work with the local McIntosh authorized repair center and finally fix the issue once and for all: The CD drive assembly was replaced and now it works flawlessly!!


I am so so happy right now. Finally, I am able to play all of my SACDs without the audio drops. Finally, I’m enjoying my C2700 with the MCT450 - in perfect harmony.

Big thank you to John, the McIntosh service manager as well as Chuck the support specialist and my local repair center. McIntosh went above and beyond to troubleshoot and resolve this issue once and for all.