Problem with MZHS CD88F CD player

I am looking for help from someone who is familiar with top-loading MHZS CD players (particularly, CD88F).

I was listening to the music and when the CD ended,I wanted to remove the CD as usual - opened the tray which slided forward and was about to remove the CD clamp (or whatever is its name). Due to my awkward fingers, the CD clamp (which looks like a round washer) fell and dropped inside.

I carefully opened the top cover and shook the CD player in hope that the round clamp appears from somewhere...but it did not happen.

I am not experienced enough to remove the laser assembly (I am afraid to tear away some wires and I don't want to (and cannot) solder.

I am wondering where the clamp could have dropped? Is there any point in opening the bottom lid? If I open the bottom lid, I will get access to PCBs from underneath. Perhaps, the clamp got stuck somewhere between the PCBs?

...It apppeared later that I cannot open the bottom lid without first opening the top cover as I did before.

It's a very nice player (especially for the money)...

I will appreciate any assistance.