Problems using both XLR and RCA inputs?

I want to add a CD player (RA CD-55) and run it directly to my amp (Aragon 8008BB) but I have an EAD pre/pro occupying the RCA inputs on my amp. My amp also has XLR inputs. Would it be a problem to run both the pre/pro to the RCA inputs and the CDP to the XLR inputs at the same time. I'm sure I would need to make sure both are not on at the same time but wonder if anyone else does this. Marc
What does the amp's manual say? Is there complete switching between its two inputs? If not, one will shunt the other even if only one source is on.
Ask Aragon. In general I'd say it's a recipe for disaster to attach two different loads to a stereo power amp. I like my amp. I'd never do it. But hey, it's only equipment :o)
Both responses are correct. One could shut off the other-usually the XLR will shut down the RCA. (Levinson) and two signals in by accident which will happen is not good and could cause permanent damage to the amp and/or speakers. Get a preamp with CD direct if you think a more direct connection is better.