Proceed Amp5, to refurbish or not.

Question for all....
So, I have in my possession an older Proceed Amp5, which as it sits, still functions, but isn't working at full capacity any longer. I'm not using it, instead, I'm using my Wyred4sound monoblocks--which are pretty much ok. I'm looking for something better at this point.

Which leads me to my question: should I refurbish it, at some considerable expense, or move on completely? There are many fans of that amp, and I found a guy in California that specializes in them, and exclusively uses them himself. He actually improves on its shortcomings while bringing it back to life.

Speaking to a local audio store owner, he believes that the amps are old technology, and that although they sounded good for the day, modern stuff is much better.

I've thought about checking out Bel Canto amps, if it's not worth fixing, or a good a/b amp.

Has anyone used or owned this amp, or any thoughts about my dilemma?
Its a good amp, but it really comes down to how much the update would cost. If you're willing to buy used, see how much a Theta Dreadnaught sells for. (It can be series 1 or 2. Either one is fine). Its in a different league than both the Proceed and the Bel Canto.