Proceed PMDT to PAV / PDSD - Using RJ-11 Jacks

Hi all,
Was wondering if anyone has had any experience utilizing the RJ-11 jacks supplied on the back of Proceed components to centralize/simplify the user interface between them – in similar fashion to the way the PAV / PDSD are married to each other. I’d like to know if anyone has been able to do this between the PMDT and the PAV / PDSD set. Doing searches in forums normally turns up discussions involving the AVP (I or II) and the PMDT, and not the older combo. The PDSD manual makes reference to this capability for future Proceed products, but does not elaborate further. Does anyone know if this is even possible? All my components have the latest firmware upgrades. No big deal. Just thought it could make things a little easier to automate.

P.S. This gear is outstanding.

Thanks in advance!
I have attempted it with no avail. I was also told it was not an option, it was only designed going forward, but never actually went forward!

Hi Dan,
Good to hear from you again.

I suspected as much. Figured I'd try and give it a whirl. Oh well.

I must say, the PAV/PDSD set you sold me is simply everything it was made out to be in the press. I had an opportunity to a/b the set to the AVP's (I & II)... it was a no brainer. I just don't know why Proceed decided to follow up the PDSD with lesser units. The AVP-2, though better than the AVP, didn't quite do it either. But I guess the RJ-11 is functional on the AVP's.

Anyhow, I'll be hard pressed to upgrade any time soon.

Yes, I like the PAV/PDSD better than the AVP and AVP-2.
The DAC, though less rates, are substantially better quality. It is the quality vs. quantity here. The biggest complaint on the PAV/PDSD is the dual box concept. Two boxes when most people wanted just one. Not to mention, the extra 6 cables necessary to connect the PDSD to the PAV.

The nice thing is finding one with the RF Demod and 7 channels for dual subs OR sides/surrounds. Just a fabulous set of processor and now, a STEAL!!