Processor ADC rate setting 96K versus 192K?

So I was looking at my settings in my processor and I saw this choice for ADC rates. It was set at 96K but when I saw 192K I was tempted. Seems like a better choice.

I tried researching what the hell this meant  and this lead to lots of stuff that wasn't helpful, and then I remembered all the talent herein on this forum. 

Anyone know what's better to do for home theaters listening?


In the old days, hi resolution recordings sounded a lot different, due to DACs performing much worse with low res (44.1kHz/16 bit) signals.  New DACs are a lot better and you are really just playing with the response of the top octave.  I personally can't hear a difference after 96 kHz.

Try both a few times and see if you hear a difference. If so, pick the one that sounds better to you.

Any audible differences between ADC at those rates are more likely due to differences in implementation (circuit quality) than due to intrinsic properties of the ADC resolution itself.

If I heard no differences, I'd be inclined to go with the higher rate.