Product/Genre-Specific "Reference" Threads

Would it make sense to create 'Product-Specific' or 'Genre-Specific' self-labelled "Reference Threads" where people with a variety of experience could chime in with their expertise, so that the information would be in a single thread for posterity?

I note that some of the most informative threads about equipment are ones started about a specific product or product genre. The 'Prices of Oldskool Tonearms' thread (genre-specific) has been very informative (though recently it has seen lots of toys being tossed from lots of prams), as has the Micro Seiki thread SX-8000 thread (product-specific), the 'MONO Cartidges' thread, and the 'Vintage Denon Direct Drive Turntable' thread (not sure). There have been a variety of experiences and with the exception of the toys tossed, off-topic diversions generally add to the discussion at hand, rather than take away from it.

I find these types of threads the most informative when digging around the archives for information, and also the easiest to find.

There is no reason why this has to be kept to equipment and equipment design. There is no reason why we could not have reference threads titled: "Bandoneon Music", or "Great Pianists of the Mono Era", "Use of Saxophone in Classical Music", or "Action Movie Theme Music." If "RT" (for "Reference Thread"; e.g. "RT: Bandoneon Music") were at the beginning of the title, it would make it easy to look up in the archives.

Any thoughts? (he asks as he dons his flame-retardant suit)