Programming new remote for B&K AVR507

My original SR10.1 B&K remote stopped working so I purchased a URC MX-700. I purchased this remote knowing that the B&K remote is really just a re-badged MX700. Here's my dilemma; Prior to my original remote breaking we replaced our computer and didn't save our remote configuration so now I have a new remote coming and no way to load it with the B&K specific data to operate the receiver. I still have the original software which came with the receiver. Appreciate any help anyone can provide.

If you have the URC software to program the remote, look at the database (Program -IR Database). It should have the AV507 in the database.
Thanks for the quick response.

Yes, after further review of the B&K remote software, the database shows the B&K configuration but it states "demo mrx" which to me means that it's not functional. When my remote arrives I will upload this and see if it works, if it doesn't I would like to have a good plan b. I was hoping another member with the same unit could email me the original MRX file for the 507.

I am not sure if the software you have is the full URC software or not. It is is, you can probably create what you need. If you have access to the database you can get the commands from it. demo.mrf is just a blank file that needs to be programmed. Select Program, then IR Database. Device is the name of the device as it appears on the remote (Like Audio), then select IR Data from AUDIO, then Under Brand select B&K and then the appropriate model. Give that a try. If you have the full software, it should work. If so, you can add other devices like your TV and Blu-Ray player. Or you could learn data from their remotes. I do not have a 507, but I do have B&K models from the URC database, including the 507, that I could send you. Just do not put your main email address here or you open yourself up to potential unwanted spam.
Are you using a USB adapter to connect your remote to your computer? Mt remote arrived two days ago but I need a serial port to USB adapter to connect it to my laptop for programming.
I use an old Belkin one. Not all of them work correctly, so you have to be a little careful. Also, I run mine on XP - not sure if the software runs on W7 or not. The MX-900 uses a USB connection.
I appreciate all the responses. My replacement remote is programmed! I picked up a USB to serial port adapter which works well with windows 7. I had to re-designate my ports which took some time to figure out but it was easy to do once I did a little research. I'm very happy that I was able to find my original B&K SR10.1 software as it had all the original programming in the software, so once I downloaded the default file for my 507 to the remote it looked and operated just as the original remote did when I purchased this fine receiver 8 years ago. Now that I have all of my remotes programmed into my new (old) MX-700 I just need to remember how to build macro's.
Great news. What usb to serial did you get. My Belkin does not work on W7.
Its a generic brand ordered from cables for less. Mine didn't work right away either. I had to play around with my comm port settings through device manager. The editing software for the remote only goes to comm6 and the driver was installed on comm 10 so I had to go into the comm port numbered 10 and change it to comm 6. You may want to try and play with your comm port settings a bit if you haven't done so already before purchasing another cable.
Thanks for the information. I have checked the comm port setting. That is a common problem. I think my problem is that there is no W7 driver for mine and the XP driver does not work correctly on W7. I will look at the cables for less one. Thanks.
The Cables for less adapter worked great once I downloaded the drivers from the Cables for Less website. The drivers that came with the device are old and the one that W7 loaded did not seem to work. Up and running on W7 now for $19, running on 2 different W7 system. Thanks.