programming universal remote (to operate DAC )

I have to program a universal remote to operate my Wadia 27 DAC. I lost my remote and can’t find a used one anywhere. My question is, if I do not have the original remote (to point towards the universal remote and make it learn), is it possible to still program a universal remote through trial and error or anything?

if you have any experience with this, can you please reply. Also do you have any suggestions for a brand/model which may suit my purpose?


Arun Rao

The Harmony Remote database,, lists the Wadia 270 as compatible with their universal remotes and according to a Stereophile review the 27 and 270 use the same remote. So, in theory, one of their remotes should work once you've downloaded the commands to the remote from your computer.
This is a good news for me. Thank you. Hopefully I need the remote to get it to work. Else could be something else, but with your help, I can cross the first hurdle. Will get a Harmony Remote.