My unit has the word "FAULT" flashing in the window.  This is not covered in the owners manual!!!!!  There is no sound!!!  I have tried everything I can think of, to no avail!!!  

   WHAT TO DO???  
Send the dealer an email tonight and follow up with a phone call on Monday.
Have you tried turning it off, unplugging it, letting it rest for a while and then plugging it back in? It may reset it. 
stereo5 &  roxy54,

      Thanks guys!!!  I left a message on PS Audio's voice mail.  'Hope
they get back to me with an answer.   Yes, I did turn it off with the switch on the back and unplug the AC cord.  Still no sound and a flashing "FAULT" in the window!  Why isn't this mentioned in the owners manual???  
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I did check the PSA web forums.  Paul Mc. emailed with some thoughts that did not solve the problem.  Sooo then I got a phone call from PSA and I will send it to them, on their dime, for either fix or swap.  GREAT coustomer service there!!!  

     Thanks to all who sent emails, 

     Ant Slappy