PS Audio M700 why would I biwire?

I'm getting the M700s today and noticed two sets of binding posts on the back.  I was told one is for biwiring.  But why would I want to do that?  it's still one amp.  You're just adding in extra speaker cable for apparently no reason.  Or are you bypassing some crossover circuitry which, in theory, is a more direct signal path?

Is there really a benefit to this?  
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Do your speakers have two sets of posts on their back?

If not, all discussion is moot.

Nope, Tekton Double Impact SE only has one set.  I know it's moot for these speakers but I have others and I trade around quite a bit. One of the benefits of living in such a large area where lots of people have lots of money :) (DFW).
topic of endless debate...but if your speakers are bi-wired and you prefer the sound with a double run of cables, it makes hookup a lot easier...
You can use those binding posts for any subwoofer that uses hi level (speaker) connections!