PS Perfect wave power cord

What are your thoughts about this perfect wave series of power cables?

I think the AC-12 and AC-10 with single crystal PCOCC solid core conductors are very good sounding and PS Audio's best power cords to date.
i've got ac-3, ac-5's and ac-10's in my system and couldn't be happier. great line of pc's imho. i recommend giving them a listen.
These are really fantastic cables, the Ac-10 in my system is just breath taking in it's presentation and i can't wait to try the Ac-12, as they seem to out do each other by good leaps and bounds. Those I've talked to to on other forums all seem to to confirm this. If it out does the Ac-10 you guys really need to try this Cable, yeah !! the the Ac-10 is that good!
I have all Perfectwave AC-5s. I like them because they neutral, not adding to or taking anything away from the sound of my system components. They only conduct the supply of power.
I just got the AC-12 for my Puccini player and it fleshes out instruments, adds heft and weight to the gestalt, highs become airier, and midrange more palpable. Very happy with it. Will probably replace my old Shunyatas with AC-12's for all other components as cost-performance ratio is way better with the AC-12.. I find that when plugged directly to my heavy-duty distributor cable instead of the Shunyata Hydras, dynamics take a big leap.