PSB Goldi vs. Mordant short performance 860

The problem I have is that the PSB Goldi is nowhere local to try a test listen. I am going to audition the Mordaunt-short performance 860s tomorrow evening. There is a pair of PSBs about 4 hours away that I could pickup. I figure after fuel I will have about 875 tied up in them. I have an oppertunity of the mordaunt-short 860s for 1k and they are local.

Has anyone heard both of these? I have seen it posted that there is some honkiness to the 860s but I do not know how they would compare to the Goldi.

Thanks for everyones input, you are ALL very helpful!!

the psb's are really solid hi end loudspeakers, but the 860's are one of the best loudspeakers at any price. dollar vs performance, well,they are off the charts. 'a thinking man's wilson'.
Okay, So i can safely purchase the mordaunts without regret of not buying the PSB's. Thats what I needed to know.

Thanks! - Evan
you are lucky...they are quite rare. legendary. sound good with a wide variety of ss and tube gear. keepers for sure.
Um...regardless of Jaybo's advice, listen to both. He may be right on the money, and I don't doubt it, but, don't you want to know for yourself? I know I would.

Listening to different components and then buying what you've newly discovered or fallen in love with is the fun part.
I purchased the 860s two days ago. What a phenomenal pair of speakers. In all honesty, I did NOT audition the golds. Unfortunately the nearest pair was 5hr away that I could afford. Quite honestly, the 860s did everything that I loved and more. I had M/S bookshelves that I loved, and these things make my none too exciting h/k reciever sound like a new beast.

My PSE studio V monoblocks will be here next week... now to start hunting for a pre!

Thanks for everyones help and advice - Evan
i'm glad you like them.....the psbs are great, but the 860's are one of the best allrounders ever made. it was an all out effort by ms make a loudspeaker that was truly classic in every way. years from now it will be a cult item. the pse's are great too. once again a little known company who made a very very ambitious piece of equipment. enjoy buying music now, and know you have a set of speakers that are better than most anything out there at gobs more money. even the build quality is second to none
I am still very excited about these speakers. They make my H/K sound almost better than anything else I have ever had. Now thats saying something! PSE's will actually be here TOMORROW. woo hoo.

I am going to build a 12b4a line stage. I can't really afford anything good in my price bracket so i am going the DIY route.

Thanks - Evan