PSB Stratus

PSB Stratus owners, what type of amplification are you using? I had an interesting experience today. I have a pair of Paradigm Minimonitors in my possesion, so I hooked them up and they sounded better than my PSB stratus minis. I'm guessing most of this was due to the lack of synergy between my amplifier and my speakers. Any suggestions?
The answer depends on what kind of sound you are looking for. I use Ayre V-3s with the Stratus Golds. The sound is very "non-HiFi" yet revealing, open, dynamic and most of all musical.
Being a decidedly "budget" audiophile, I have driven a pair of the original golds with a Carver TFM 35x, then a Sunfire Stereo amp. I drive my current Gold i's with a Sunfire Signature Stereo Amp going through a Krell KSP 7b.

The sound is as good as anything else I've heard anywhere for as much as two or three times the cost of my set-up.