Psvane WE845 Replica for Cary CAD-805AE


Has anyone use the Psvane WE845 Western Electric Replica on Cary CAD-805AE amp?

I've been using Shuguang 805-B for 2 years without any issue but when I email Cary Audio about the Psvane WE845 Western Electric Replica and they don't recommend to use it on the CAD-805AE amp.

If I lower the bias below 60mA, can the WE845 is useable?

Here is the explanation from Cary Audio

"The statement you referenced below applies only to the CAD 211 FE which is a class AB1 push-pull amp. In this amp you actual set the bias for the 845 tubes and you set it for a total of 100mA for two tubes. With a B+ of about 1000 volts this sets the dissipation for each tube at 50 watts which is well below the maximum of 70 watts. In the 805 the bias that you actual set is the bias for the 300B tube and should be set to 60mA. The 845 in the output stage is auto-bias and usually ends up at right around 110mA. With a B+ of about 900 volts in this amp the dissipation will be closer to 100 watts which is, too high for that particular tube. I don't recommend using this tube in this amp"

"I have a CAD 805 amp (I believe it's special edition model) and I want to buy 845 tube from Psvane WE845 Western Electric Replica tube. However, I see the statement below in the description

"FYI… Response from Cary Audio tech:

As far as these tubes are concerned, they will work just fine. Just keep the bias at 100mA as the dissipation is only 70 watts as compared to 100 watts for an actual (RCA) 845 tube."

My question is

1/ Is this tube compatible with CAD-805 amp?
2/ If yes, then do I have to set the bias at 100mA instead of 60mA?
3/ If bias is set at 100mA, does it damage the amp in the long term?"

Do not set the bias to 100ma.It is for Cary 211 only.Just set it to 55ma on yours Cary 805 if you use WE845.

The bias on Cary 805 is set for 300B, so it doesn't matter how the bias is set the bias on 845 doesn't change because the bias of 845 is fix.

Have you try the WE845? Is it good for Cary 805?

No .I have not .I 'm using the Psvane 845t .They are a direct replacement for Shuguang 845 B.