Public Service Announcement for real

Everyone I’m in the insurance industry, I started my agency 3-1-1980. Given this situation we are now living in, that in my 64 years I never could have imagined, I’m hopeful to help anyone that might have a question relating to insurance and the pandemic we hear about daily. I am very happy to answer any of your questions.

Insurance carriers large and small are pitching in to help clients. If you pay monthly for any or all of your insurance policies, many carriers will delay a monthly payment this month or next, and maybe more than a month with no penalties.

if you received one too many speeding tickets last month with your new 2020 Corvette and received a letter stating your about to be cancelled, you just might “NOT” be cancelled. Actually several top name carriers are suspending ”any cancellations” for now.

Many large and small carriers are making donations to help our medical community get needed supplies.

i wish everyone here patience and continued great health for you, your family, friends and neighbors.