Purchase on Audiogon arrived not as described


I purchased a speaker pair through Audiogon that was listed as a 10/10 falwless pair. The speakers arrived damaged. They were not properly packed they were piano gloss finish and only packed woth a single layer of a very thin fabric cloth and one layer of bubble wrap in a flimsy single layer cardboard box single boxed.

The speakers arrived 11/30 (Thursday) and due to work I wasn't able to open the package until the night of 12/1 (Friday). I took photos of the unboxing process and I was surprised to see how little packaging therewas for a 50lb+ speaker pair with piano gloss finish. I was extremely careful unpacking the speakers and after unwrapping them I saw the damage. One speaker is busted on the bottom with a crack, the other speaker has 3 large strike marks and chips to the edge.


Within minutes of seeing the damage I contacted the seller. I have no way of knowing if the speakers were damaged in transit due to poor packaging or if the seller scammed me. I contacted the seller within minutes of seeing the damage and explained the situation. The seller immediately became defensive and said I had plenty of time to evaluate the speakers and that I probably didn't like them so I purposely damaged them. This offended me and was quite ridiculous. The speakers were at my house for one day and I didn't unbox them until I had the time the next day. The speakers have remained in the original packaging taking up space since this date.


I tried to communicate with the seller and the seller completely stopped answering messages through audiogon. I filed a dispute through Audiogon and linked the seller Audiogon's policy on selling and items not arriving in the condition listed. The staff at Audiogon managed to get ahold of the seller and told me the seller was not being reasonable. They advised me to file a PayPal claim. I filed my claim on 12/3 after spending two days communicating with the staff and trying to have them be a middleman to communicate between the seller and I. The seller never responded.


I have now been waiting for weeks on the dispute with paypal. The seller responded to the dispute and is fighting to keep my money. I offered to send the speakers back to the seller from the beginning and properly package them how I would have liked to receive them packed. I am worried about paypal being so slow and have heard stories of paypal siding with scammers before.


When I sell speakers, turntables, amps, dacs, I always have the buyer show up in person with cash. I’ve done that multiple times and they have traveled over 1000 miles to pick them up, and I had the original boxes

WTheck? The average buyer (i'd assume) on audogon is probably a 60+year male, with a bad back who oughta drive a 1000 miles to pick up a... DAC?!! Pass...you can keep it bro!      

Buying insurance does not mean that you will get a refund if there is damage.  It only allows you to claim damage.  Carriers require packing which withstands a drop of 3 - 6 ft onto concrete.  How many packages can meet that standard?  And don’t expect insurance to pay for inadequate packing.

Factory boxes/packing are designed for shipping.  Letting an uninformed person box and pack an item is a risk.  Some people don’t know how to do it.  Ask if factory packing will be used.  If not, closely monitor packing to avoid damage.

Bubble wrap and peanuts are “air” and can only be used in certain situations.

In this case the packing would have required a miracle to arrive undamaged.

‘Double box if you want to avoid damage.  Manufacturers single box to keep cost down.  If there’s damage, the can fix and resell items as B goods.

Follow PayPal’s directions.  Ask them for a return shipping label.  Likely you will win your claim.  But also call your credit card and make a claim so you don’t miss a filing deadline.  Tell them that you’re working with PayPal.

Sorry My friend

I still hold my breath whenever engaging in any transaction.

Buying or selling.

I've been lucky so far but given the state of humanity these days I'm sure that will end at some point

Good luck

Hey, The main thing is make sure you follow PayPal or EBay rules during the dispute process. Also, when product is shipped using one of these services you have to take pictures and videos even before you touch the box. Shake it, Do you hear rattling, and video the unboxing. It is amazing how many time people will not take responsibility. I don’t think it was a scam. I think the seller packaged the speakers incorrectly. Typically they are packaged individually or have heavy form fitting foam. I feel this is going to be a thing in the future. Buyer beware. I would have packed those like Mahgister. Plus, You get the kudos from the buyer. I am sorry you went through this. 

One way to minimize problems like this is buying from an authorized dealer.