Purifi v Gan amps?

Has anyone had the opportunity to compare Purifi based amps eg MarchP422, Purifi etc with Gan amps such as LSA Voyager or Peachtree Gan 400 or similar?


^As I understand it the Magtech is basically a fully regulated Coda with more output at the expense of less intial Class A bias. For many users it appears that the improvements and  trade offs make for a better amp. It would appear that perhaps even more so than usual; choice of speakers will determine how advantageous these design choices will be.

@unsound I was not aware that it was that much of a CODA design. I was under the impression that it was a pure Sanders design, but CODA built it for them. 

I have the following 3 preamps. Today, I am using the LA4 with the Sanders because I need balance adjustment in my office system since I sit a bit to the side. The LRS+ makes this not much of an issue but the adjustment helps a bit.

  • Schitt Mjolnir (Class A)
  • Benchmark LA4
  • Holo Serene

I owned the CODA 07x preamp before and I no longer have it. The Mjolnir is the most like the 07x. I like the Mjolnir more.   My best 2 preamps are the Serene and LA4. I have used all 3 with the Sanders. The Serene and LA4 work the best for my ears since they are so silent. I like to hear my other gear more than the preamp. I use the Mjolnir for my RAAL SR1a earphones with the Schitt Aegir amp.