Purifi v Gan amps?

Has anyone had the opportunity to compare Purifi based amps eg MarchP422, Purifi etc with Gan amps such as LSA Voyager or Peachtree Gan 400 or similar?


Great question. I was wondering about this for a long time myself. I am assuming that Purifi sounds a bit like the Benchmark AHB2 from what I read on Soundstage Global about the Purifi prototype from Bruno et al 

I did compare the LSA Voyager 350 GAN with the AHB2 and the stock Voyager was not as clear or clean sounding on top as the AHB2. I got it modified by EVS and that made the top end become crystal clear almost like the AHB2 (a great mod). It was also more powerful than the AHB2. However, I kept the AHB2 and sold the Voyager. I found the Voyager less powerful overall than my CODA #8 so the Voyager was in a middle ground between the AHB2 and the CODA #8. I did not need an amp in the "middle ground" so I sold it.



There is not one sound of anything.  Purifi does not have one sound.  Ganfets do not have one sound.  Read 10 audio's reviews of my modded VTV Purifi amp and his review of the NAD amp using the same Purifi modules.....completely different sound....btw I am no longer modding amps.....so no money in the game.  Same with Ganfet amps.....just like what yysantabarbara heard......you do a mod to an amp and you have a different sound.  Every Ganfet amp sounds different from every other GanFet amp.....and if you mod any one of them they will have a different sound.  Just change the AC inlet on an amp.....and it sounds different.....just change the input wires, or the output wires, or the output jacks, or parts in the circuit, or the output inductor, or a million other things.  This game is infinite.  Just like life.  So, you have to listen to the different amps and compare.  VTV sells Purifi based amps using a front end board that lets you roll various op amp buffers......you get a different sound with each different op amp.  Most of the things that make a sonic difference and improvment cannot be measured by normal measurements......This fact, of course, drives the objectivists crazy.

What a wicked crazy game we play...he he.......Enjoy the dance......the only dance there is......We are so beautiful....amazing, is what we are.

They are both unproven technology.

Why would you choose something like that when there is plenty of choice of amplifiers using time proven design and components?

The latest and greatest is very often not the greatest.I know people who have been using  and building Class D amps for at  least a decade and they do not like the  sound of the Purifi modules.

compare Purifi based amps eg MarchP422, Purifi etc with Gan amps

Probably nothing, or everything. Audiophiles talk about synergy. This is where measurements help, rather than handwaving and guessing.

Ralph’s class D amps (Gan) have input of 100K ohms - this is good. They are only suitable for 60hz/120 V supplies. This makes them unsuitable for about 6 billion people.

The March amps (Purifi) have an input of just 20K ohms. This makes them unsuitable for many pre-amps which may have output impedances which may be nominally suitable at about 100 ohms or so, but at different frequencies they may be several thousand, so March is also unsuitable.

Its a waiting game for the designers to get their priorities in order.

In the middle are AGD (Gan) amps with a nominal impedance of 40K ohms, and with international electricity capability.

Ticks all my boxes, which I am a little bit sad about for reasons.

It’s pretty clear both technologies offer some high performance potential.  To me, I wouldn’t worry so much about the technology and just focus on whatever amp offers the sound characteristics you’re looking for. 

I know people who have been using  and building Class D amps for at  least a decade and they do not like the  sound of the Purifi modules.

Amps built with Purifi modules have no sound. 

With reference to my previous comments, they may be coupled with pre-amps or DACs that are unsuitable.  Like buying a car without a tow bar or is solar powered, there is no hope if you want to tow a trailer or a caravan or whatever.

It's all about the implementation, and all the other parts used.  Click on the dropdowns here and see how you can tailor Purifi sound.


So if you ant Purifi amps to have a sound you you use an op amp buffer with a sound?

Why not just use an op amp based amplifier like a LM 3886 and avoid the cost of the Purifi module?If you need more power just parallel multiples of them.

Although from what I have heard Purifi amps do have a sound and it is characterised by by sounding veryclear and detailed but also quite flat/2D and having very poor timing and musical communication.

Although from what I have heard Purifi amps do have a sound and it is characterised by by sounding veryclear and detailed but also quite flat/2D and having very poor timing and musical communication.

Heard from where?  I heard the world was flat — don’t make it true.  Read the Soundstage review. 

I had one on loan for a while.So from what I have heard is literally from what I have heard.It was a March Audio with no aftermarket op amp buffer.Tried it with a few different preamps and digital direct and a few of my speakers and could not get it a complete sound out of it.It is good in some areas like detail but poor in others like imaging and has poor timing so there is no flow or expression to the music.


Unfortunately, you are going to have to listen for yourself. No one can honestly compare two (really) Technolgies.  Within each one of them, the differences are going to be all over the place. @ricevs is right.  Pick two within your budget (one of each) and see which one pleases you the most.  That might point you to one direction or another.  Implementation is going to be a big factor.  You might have to read a lot of reviews to get an idea which flavor is more to your liking.  I had the same conundrums and ended with a GaN one.  Still happy with my choice.

There are several GaN amps out there but from what I have seen, only one is a real performer with modern class d design- the Orchard product. Read the review in Audio Express I believe where it and the Purifi amp were compared. The LSA and Peachtree amps use the same GaN module which has a heavily dependent frequency response with load, just like the 25 year old Tripath class d amps. This is an out of date design- modern, state of the art class d amps like Purifi, ncore, and the Orchard modules have load invariant response, which is what a properly designed amplifier should have.

Hi mazian!  I have two sterio pair of the PuriFi amp and six Starke AD4-320s.

The Starkes are just a bit smoother on the top end. The are designed for smoothness. Transparency, etc will depend more on your preamp, cables etc. The amps that have the "guts" in a tube bottle are also extremely clear and impressive. I don't own any of those but have contacts with them and Ocean Audio and have heard them under very good conditions. But they are pricy and the newest version of Starke's amp is going for $1500 and is the bargain of the age. I use 4 way electronic crossovers (miniDSP) feeding the four way Linkwitz LX 521 speakers on the main system. That takes care of 8 channels and two amps. Another Starke powers the rear speakers and center channel. Geninely awesome. I also use one of the Starkes (bridged stereo mode, 320 wpc) to power Magnepan LRS speakers. Another Starke  powers a 5+1 surround sound system (with the help of two extra amp channels, LM3886 based - I have many of those). The Purfi amps feed a very good bedroom stereo system. One is now a spare and traveling demo unit. I won't disconnect the Starkes; they are too good to disturb. Cables matter; you will hear differences in cables if your front end is good enough. Feel free to contact me if I can be of service. Happy Listening!

Don’t get sucked into buying just because it has GAN in its build , if these were the end all most other top companies would be using them ?

i have a top Coda integrated it’s not in Thst , Pass labs, AR , Boulder, Gryphon ,Goldman or many other top companies , there is so much more to the engineering 

and build quality , please keep this in mind it’s all about Marketing, being in Audio for decades I remember when Technics said look at these new great amplifiers 

vacuum tubes are dead they can’t compete in measurements yet they are still going strong, track record,and reliability count most !!

Gan transistors we’re invented many years ago , they are much more efficient

and will be in.many more products. In the future ,they are very good I actually own a GAN charger for my phones and tablets ,over 3x faster ,

My point is ,I have seen several amplifiers advertising gan transistors which is good 

but the rest of the guts were average at best , that was my point .very good value for a lower mid fi  amp.by Audiophile standards and todays pricing.

All audio components have a sound they either add something or remove something. Every capacitor, every resistors, every transformer has an impact on sound. So if you think that means no sound, then that is of your opinion.

After all, we all know that all amps based in bipolars sound a certain way, and all amps based on mosfets sound another certain way.

My Audiophonics hpa-s400et Purifi amplifier isn't boring, has excellent 3D imaging with no paper cutouts. Sounds neutral, detailed, and smooth/natural sounding.

I will add that I use BACCH-4MAC-Pro. So I might be cheating a tad! 

@soix Professor Edgar Chourier should get the equivalent of a Nobel Peace Prize for his contributions to furthering this hobby.

In 47 years of being an Audiophile it’s the
"Greatest Sonic Leap Forward" I’ve been able to achieve in my reference system. It’s the level above the next level, and will leave you speechless. The 3D soundstage is so authentic and tangible it can be gleefully traumatic (eerily spooky). It makes my well treated room and Legacy WhispersXDS openbaffle speakers completely transform to whatever venue is recorded.

Nothing will prepare you for it. Using two speakers and not 11.2 or whatever Dolby Atmos is up to is impractical, and wrong-headed.
Those people are chasing the Dragon.

I slayed mine!

I can not recommend highly enough the Bacch4Mac software as an infinitely more practical way to achieve everything you’ve been missing.

No change in your system will give you the gestalt or nearly enough improvement in 3D realism and purity. (His 10 patents are warranted because he’s the only one who figured out how to preserve and extract the spatial info without affecting Tonality or Timbre. This is also why it’s a game changer.

@jcarcopo Thanks!  That’s what I would’ve thought but great to hear from someone who actually uses it.  


Ralph’s class D amps (Gan) have input of 100K ohms - this is good. They are only suitable for 60hz/120 V supplies. This makes them unsuitable for about 6 billion people.

This statement isn't correct- our class D can run on 50Hz/235V no worries- our French distributor has a set right now.

It was impossible to audition GAN amps in Australia and the only Purifi amps available were the March range, also difficult to audition as I was unable to attend his Sydney presentation. So I had to go on 3rd party reviews. I found Alan March too inflexible as he was unwilling to instal a different op amp. I was tempted by the Orchard but the outlay was a little more than I was prepared to pay for an unheard amp. I eventually settled for an amp from Nord Audio from the UK. It was a dual mono unit with 2 Purifi modules and offered a choice of op amps as well as other minor options. I went for the latest Sparkos op amp option based on some reviews indicating that they were more tube like in SQ (tube like not sounding like tubes). To say I was delighted would be an understatement. With my Aesthetix Calypso tube pre the results were exactly the same as those experienced by carcopo, even without the BACCH gear, which I have to admit I don't understand. Soundstage, dynamics and imaging were excellent and presentation was clear, holographic and smooth. It didn't gloss over poor recordings, rather the deficiencies were more noticeable but well recorded material was superb. What more could you want from a power amp? As an added bonus it was readily portable unlike the 30kg + behemoths I had been used to, a not unsubstantial bonus for someone my age. Negatives - only one minor criticism. IMHO the case design was uninspiring, just another black (or silver) box with striations on the sides, possibly pretending to be heat sinks, which it doesn't need as it runs cold after 6 hours +.  Orchard Gan amps and other Gan amps are something to consider for the future, after further developments, but only if it is possible to audition them in Australia, as at present I feel it would be difficult to better the Nord Purifi amp at anywhere near a comparable price.

Reviving this old thread. I am looking for 3 channels of high quality sound for Home Theater to power Andrew Jones’ forgotten orphan, the Elac Adante bookshelves. ( left, right and dedicated center).

I just ordered 3 mono block GAN amps from classDaudio but have also read some very positive things about the purifi module amps.

I’m not as serious about HT as I am 2 channel, (I have a separate system in the same room that just shares the subs and Niagara power conditioner) but am seeking good sound for a modest sum.

Has anyone heard the the new CLassDaudio monoblocks? I was thinking of running long XLR’s and 2-3 foot speaker cables for each speaker.

I have owned the Peachtree GAN1 that is modded. I am keeping this one since it is amazing. More comments on this in a few months. I will be doing something special with this amp. It is so good that it gets the first crack at some new gear.

I owned the Peachtree GAN400 2 times. Both times while I was debating what amp to use with the Magnepan LRS+. The GAN400 had enough power for the LRS+ but it was lacking the ultimate resolution on the top end.

The PeachTree GAN1 is similar in stock form to the GAN400, minus the strong power. However, if you mod the GAN1 you take it into CODA #16 amp and Benchmark AHB2 levels. Not power wise but resolution. I have the #16 too so this is real-world experience.

I also owned the LSA Voyager 350 GAN which was also modded. It was not as good as the modded GAN1. Both mods were done by Ric at tweakaudio.com. The Voyager 350 was similar to the GAN400 but weaker in the bass.

At one time I have owned the Benchmark AHB2 (5X). It is supposed to be like the Purifi. A lot of reviews compare the 2. However, I no longer own the AHB2 since my prior speakers and also my current office speaker demands more power than what I felt the AHB2 could deliver. The modded GAN1 is almost as good (maybe as good) on the top end as the AHB2. I love the top end on the AHB2. In stock form, the GAN1 is not as good.

Today I have found an amp that I like better than the GAN400, Voyager, and even the AHB2 in most respects. It is the Sanders Magtech. I got this amp used from Sanders themselves for $4k. It is a Class AB amp, which I have had a lot, and I am surprised I like this amp so much. The power supply on the Sanders is said to be unique and I think CODA builds the amp for Sanders.

Last night I was listening to the LRS+ (very difficult to drive) with the Magtech and played the music at very low volume. This was late at night, and I normally use my headphones. However, I was amazed at how well the speakers sounded at low volume. That is a testament to the Sanders. Given a proper amp - speaker match only my CODA #16 and my old AHB2 were as good at low volume. Most amps are terrible at this.

Using the Sanders, at regular volume levels the sound just explodes out of the LRS+. The GAN amps I mentioned never did that, even the GAN400 that came close. The CODA #16 is even better than the Sanders at this (more bass).

The best amps I have owned.

  • CODA #16
  • PeachTree GAN1 (has to be modded)
  • Sanders MagTech
  • KRELL Duo 175XD*
  • Benchmark AHB2*

There are about 5+ Class D amps I have tried plus many other Class AB amps. None of them are with me and not missed. I miss the AHB2 and the KRELL which I sold to generate some funds.

^As I understand it the Magtech is basically a fully regulated Coda with more output at the expense of less intial Class A bias. For many users it appears that the improvements and  trade offs make for a better amp. It would appear that perhaps even more so than usual; choice of speakers will determine how advantageous these design choices will be.

@unsound I was not aware that it was that much of a CODA design. I was under the impression that it was a pure Sanders design, but CODA built it for them. 

I have the following 3 preamps. Today, I am using the LA4 with the Sanders because I need balance adjustment in my office system since I sit a bit to the side. The LRS+ makes this not much of an issue but the adjustment helps a bit.

  • Schitt Mjolnir (Class A)
  • Benchmark LA4
  • Holo Serene

I owned the CODA 07x preamp before and I no longer have it. The Mjolnir is the most like the 07x. I like the Mjolnir more.   My best 2 preamps are the Serene and LA4. I have used all 3 with the Sanders. The Serene and LA4 work the best for my ears since they are so silent. I like to hear my other gear more than the preamp. I use the Mjolnir for my RAAL SR1a earphones with the Schitt Aegir amp.