Puron Plug-in AC Power Conditioner by Greg Voth

Oh, about 15 years ago, one of my local high end audio dealers introduced me to audio "Tweaks."  I was absolutely floored by the positive and amazing effects that each tweak made on the sound quality of the music.  Whether applied to speakers or components, or both, the improvements made by tweaks were real and palpable.  I've been a true disciple of audio tweaks every since that faithful day about 15 years ago.  Recently, online, I stumbled across an article touting all of the wonderful virtues of a tweak that I had never heard of before, the Puron AC Conditioner, so I decided to order one and give it a shot in my highly revealing audio system.  All I can tell you is......WOW!!!  I had already had speaker bullets/filters on my speakers, and Vibrapod feet and cones on all my components, but the Puron still made the soundstage noise floor even lowers and blacker and the effects were just amazing.  Even more depth, spaciousness, air, detail, transparency, separation, palpability, increase sense organic sound and a smoother musical flow are how I would describe the effects of the Puron.  I'm please to tell you that, in my experience, the Puron AC Conditioners was absolutely, "As Advertised."  Along with my Bybee Tech Speaker Bullets, the Puron is one of my greatest audio purchases.  Well done!!!                  


Yes!!!   I read that entire Audiogon discussion about the Puron, which was one of the main determining factors in my decision to go ahead with my purchase. 

Thank you.


All my components are plugged into my main power conditioner.  I plugged the Puron into the same wall outlet I used to plug in the power cord from my main power conditioner to that wall outlet.  

Yes, That's  the place I plugged mine in as well. It really works. I’m getting another one for the TV outlet.

They really do work. I have two at the outlets of my dedicated lines.  
I didn’t realize the noise was there until it was gone. 


Thank you for the nice words re Puron. Lynn and I appreciate this...

Thanks to all of you posting your experiences with Puron 

Much better than me hollering from the rooftop :)

Happy Holiday All - Lynn and Mark  


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