Purpose of power handling in the specs?

So I’ve never quite understood this:  What is the point of manufacturers listing power handling in the specs?

I ask this because I’m now listening to a 89dB efficient speaker, rated to handle between 50-200 watts of power, with a 7 watt 300b integrated.  Logic would tell me that even with the volume maxed out I should get almost no volume from the speakers.

Can someone please enlighten me as to the purpose of the power handling specs?




There was a quote, I think by Art Dudley, " Why do you want 200 more watts if the. first 5 sound like crap"   or close to that. 

Be careful, tweeters and midranges get burnt out quick from under powering.


   Watch the vol knob, and listen for breakup in the highs and minds. 

Don’t take much to fry a tweeter or mid coil  



My speakers are rated at a measly 250 rms Peak I believe, and are powered by 650-700 watt rms monos at 8 ohms,

the open airy, non fatiguing sound is from the massive headroom, and the amps barely or. Not strained at all during playback. 

I love this, which is why for crescendos and heavy double bass, or just a orchestra balls out section, you need the headroom, and the amps ability to produce the watts needed to not clip or strain. The baby bunny fart amps to me are worthless, I’m mostly rock,blues, rock, metal, some acoustic, when volume is needed you will need the amp to produce ample power, current to not clip the music. 

even a Normal mid volume playback will need 200-250 watts at a minimum to reproduce the music at peaks.

auditioned lots of the flea fart amps, none come even close to producing the power needed.