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The best speaker cables you’ve had
8 awg copper o.f.  Standard twist.     Real 8 ga wire. Barely fit in my knockoff Nakamichi banana plugs.    belden for amp to preamp   main system Groneberg pre to amp, same 8ga speaker wire audioquest cd to pre. the Belden ceased the radio ... 
Whats playing on your system today?
Racer X - second heat killer -  wall of sound 220 volt - young and wild empyrium - where at night the wood grouse plays scanner - hypertrace   
Hidden Gems in Classic Rock Albums
Ursa Major. S/t   ’72   can be had for Pennie’s, is very overlooked record! it’s great!      
HDCD vs the Newer SHM-CD, BluSpec, UHQCD, etc
I hear better audio with most of my Japanese SHM, blue spec, hqcd, etc   now that I’m older , I try to get Japanese CDs if released.    most u.s. made CDs and records are tripe.    I have the Anthem S/T from I think mid late 80’s, has lasted me... 
New amps
Changing an amp is fun!   if you decide to muck round with speaker placement. Allow the amp a month to warm up first. THEN, if you do, only move an inch, toe in or toe out. if it sounded good with last amp, why ?   IF IT AINT BROKE, …U KNOW ... 
Whats playing on your system today?
Phantasm - lycanthropy Vardis- quo vardis  Lillian axe - from womb to tomb Joe tafolla - infra - blue Invocator - weave the apocalypse  Sacrilege- within the prophecy Evile - enter the grave Barren  cross - state of control Akira t... 
Whats playing on your system today?
Occult - of flesh and,blood     Rory Gallagher- blues - electric set. /. Acoustic set     prong - rude awakening     morpheus descends - ritual of infinity     vandenbergs moonkings- MK II     HOLY MOSES - terminal terror     cyc... 
Reliability of Dan D'Agostino equipment
If it’s electric, it will have issues, if it’s a Ferrari, power amp,  things fail. Inevitable    somemhould get longer life than others.  enjoy!  
Whats playing on your system today?
Zed yago - pilgrimage  Toranaga - gods gift The Killdares - steal the sky Piledriver - stay ugly Exhorder - mourn the southern skies Hallows eve - the never ending sleep   
Another "Best" amplifier Question.
Separates!   nice 2 ch amp 300WPC / min. good preamp. keep checking the Gon! You can get a great amp and pre for just a smidge over your max,  get a 2 ch,amp, you will be happier, receivers don’t have the hang bag or musicality     To power a... 
Feel like I'm outta my mind....
The Polk flagships can be had for a song of u look.    im %90 metal also kreator sodom bathory lots NWOBHM stuff assassin protector Y and T venom etc etc   get an amp with min 300 WPC rms, you will ;Ed the headroom for metal, and other... 
Whats playing on your system today?
The sanity days - evil beyond belief     malice - in the beginning     titan force - winner - loser       flotsam and jetsam - the cold       the accused- splatter rock       after all - mercury rising  
Whats playing on your system today?
Yakuza - beyul       praying mantis - katharsis       iron angel - emerald eyes       hobbs angel of death - inheritance          Helstar - glory of chaos  
Warmer class D amps for magnepan?
Maggies need juice, don’t waste your money and time with crown or devialet class D tripe!   class A or AB,  they need headroom and 300WPC RMS, MIN!!   D is for subs and people who don’t know better, and think they are amazing,….nope,..you may ... 
One of the great things about Vinyl
Cd easier to swap, change songs.    LPs’ play side 1 and 2.   sometimes change cds.    don’t be lazy, if u. Want a different album, swap it after a full side