Puzzled: Lumin T2 vs Onkyo tx-nr840 for music streaming

I don't claim to be the worlds best-eared-audiophile with bat-like hearing, but this is strange.

Using Roon, I'm able to switch back and forth between using the LuminT2 / Anthem STR combo vs and the Onkyo receiver for 2 channel listening.  Both are going into PS Audio m700 amps (anthem via xlr and onkyo via rca)  

Streaming through the Onkyo sounds much wider (like MUCH)... Yes this is in Direct or Pure Audio mode which bypasses the internal processing.  It honestly sound reallllllyyyyyy good..

Switching to my Lumin T2 / Anthem STR combo, everything sounds MUCH more centered... Less "virtual" or wide sounding.

The only thing I can think of is the Onkyo lowers the midrange presence making the other wider sounds more recognizable.  But it's really nice to listen to..  The Lumin/Anthem brings vocals right to the middle.. That's cool, but kinda boring actually.  Kinda sounds like there's a center hot spot, then it flares out from there.

I have more listening to do, but can someone tell me if the Onkyo in Pure Audio mode is doing some weird thing to the sound?   I could easily see someone saying the Onkyo sounds better at this point!  Not very happy about this as I have a ton of money invested.