Quads vs Sound Labs vs Maggie 20.1

Any thoughts on the performance aspects,and best amp types?

I am interested in feedback regarding refurbished ESL-63's vs the newer models(I know these are bigger and more dynamic,but are they have that Quad magic?).I've read about some Quad refurbish site about to offer a dipolar woofer,which seems interesting.

Also,the big Sound Labs speakers have never left me overly enthused,but I could have been subject to poor set-up,as these have a loyal following.

What about the big Maggies?I had a friend who modded the 3.6's to amazing effect.Do the 20.1's benefit from after market mods.

Best amps for each speaker?

Thanks in advance
A triple stack of Quads would be "more" than outstanding!...check out Quads Unlimited. (I think their in Florida).

That would probably put you in the price range of the Soundlabs or Apogees.

Hi Dave,
Thanks. I do see your point. Two smileys ((:
I had a double stack of Quads once, was impressive, but I'm happier with my Sound Labs now.

Rebuilt 63's "Kentaja" $3300
used Gradient63 Dipole $1400
used Martin Logan DescentI Omni sub $1800
TOTAL = $6500 for the money, you will have an amazing full range system
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