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Best Headphones & Amp---Opinions Please
"Cost not a major consideration" Google this....HE90 / HEV90That IS it! 
Quads vs Sound Labs vs Maggie 20.1
Suggest:Rebuilt 63's "Kentaja" $3300used Gradient63 Dipole $1400used Martin Logan DescentI Omni sub $1800 TOTAL = $6500 for the money, you will have an amazing full range system Amps du jourDan 
Wolcott Audio tube amp.what value resistor is this
Hi B,Wolcott is in the middle of moving operations and thus hard to grab.Their head tech is Pat McGuire and his cell is 510-828-3561, nice guy and sure to help. 
Power amps for Quad electrostatics 2905
I think you will find the Wolcott 220 Monoblocks and big Quads can rock your world! 
Watt / Puppy without the crossover
I am using an older pair of 2/2 and the watts and pupps both have seperate binding posts that are meant to use when wiring them independent of the crossover and tail connection which is hooked up via the regular set of binding posts. 
Sonic Frontiers SFD-2 MKIII
Wadia...NBS Balanced...D2D....I2se...SFD2 MK3...UNBELIEVABLE 
anybody have/hear Wolcott with dynamic speakers?
Watt Pups and Quad 63s sounded turbo charged with the Wolcotts...two thumbs way up 
What is your most beautiful component?
Come on, it has to be Sennheiser's amazing Orpheus Headphone system. 
Best tube amp s for magnepan 3.6r
wolcott.....perfect, powerful match 
Active Crossover Recommendations
Peter,Try Bryston 10B sub ccrossover with following settings..High Pass 100 - 110Hz 18 DB slopeLow Pass 50Hz 18DB slope+3 DB sub volumeorjust run quads full range and use crossover to roll off sub only around 40hz....volume maybe down 1-2dbDan 
What do you think of a Sonic Frontiers Processor 3
If you want the BEST....try the SFD2 mark3 which does 24/96 unlike the P3! Hook up any transport thru the Sonic Frontier D2D upsampler, jitter attenuator prefferably with the I2SEe wire and you will have a magnificent cost effective, flexable set up. 
Stax ED-1 Equalizer. Comments?
If naturally recorded, I have found the ED1 to make a huge improvement! The best of German and Japanese thinking. 
ARC vs Atma-Sphere and ARC vs VTL Amplifiers
Hi...Excellent choice of speakers...M2s would be best....I might suggest the best Estat amp I have heard...and I have owned Arc, Jadis, Krell, etc and listned to VTLs extensively...the BEST amp being WOLCOTT.If not Wolcotts...like the VTLDan 
Any superb balanced dacs up to $2,500 used??
How about the old world champ........Sonic Frontiers sfd2 ....pick up mark 1 or 2 versions then send it to Sonic for Mark3 24/96 upgrade. Run signal from D2d upsampler jitter reducer using ISe cable and you will not believe the quality for a price... 
Seeking $15,000.00 speaker to replace Quad 988's
Come on man....go for it! Stack some DIPOLE subs, maybe 2 or 3 high with each Quad...now your talking!