Quality of Calif Audio Labs Delta Transport?

I'm in the market for a quality yet relatively inexpensive transport and am condidering a used California Audio Labs Delta Transport, which, although some ten or so years old, seems to have a good reputation. Has anyone had one and care to comment on its reliability and sound compared to other transports in its price range? Thanks for the input!
It is excellent but is getting long in the tooth. I don't know if repair is available anywhere, at this time.
i have a delta and very shortly i will be selling the alpha and delta. i prefer my vincent cd player as a transport. however, the vincent is $1800, while the delta would sell for about $300, used. it seems reliable. i have had no problems with it.
I have a delta & sigma dac. Been pleased, hope to find a reasonable priced alpha. I've fed the sigma with out put from my sony scd xa777es and I surprised how good the sound was.