Quantum Science Audio Thread

This is a thread for those who wish to discuss Quantum Science Audio products of all types.

this may sound crazy, but has anybody A-B’d these things against a soldered wire connection to see if they are actually carrying out some kind of enhancement function akin to Bybee bullets, (which are in essence just a thin piece of foo foo wire located within an RCA plug)?

Has anybody tried the receptacles from QSA? Looking for something to tinker with even though everything sounds great. I have a Furutech NCF in the wall that has been my mainstay for quite a while so wondering if anybody has had good luck with one of the QSA's besting it.

I have owned the QSA blue, yellow, and red.

Beeswax Ultimate SHD and Ultimate Premier SHD.

The problem with aftermarket fuses is that they first sound spectacular, but then over time, they get tiresome as you realize they're too bright or colored.

Another issue is they can sound lean, or hollow. Beeswax does not have this problem.

I know audiophiles who have gone back to stock fuses because of these issues.

I've gone back to a stock fuse at the moment. I'm going to try the SR Purple and if it has the same issues, I'll stick with stock fuses.

@macdude ---once you try SR purple please report your findings.  I appreciate your honest personal feedback.  

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