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Lumin U1/U2 versus T3
@samzx12 I've used both USB and SPDIF on my U2 mini. USB was quieter, but that was probably due to the TotalDac Gigafilter cable filtering out the noise. Get a Berkeley alpha USB interface series 2 for the U2 and that will be the end game setup.... 
Review: Furutech Carbon Fiber 104D Receptacle Cover Tweak
It's not crazy. I have the cover with the Furutech wall frame. Although I use an Oyaide R0 outlet. I always listen to my stereo with this setup, as the upgrade in sound quality is obvious.  
Is it still worth buying a Lumin x1 in 2023?
I would hold out for a Lumin X1 with the new processing engine found in the U2/mini. It's a huge step up from the older models.  
Power Cable Audioquest Dragon vs Isotek EVO3 Ascension
I've owned both. Ascension is a great cord that never leaves my amp.  
Aurender N20 Music Server Comments and Observations
I had a similar experience as @garybart I found the N20 to be very sensitive to power cords/power conditioning. I actually didn’t like it at all when in my first setup. I had it boxed up ready to sell. I gave it a second chance, hooked it up ... 
Grimm MU1 Streamer - Really "The Best"?
@nyev That's always the problem with 2 box dac/streamers. You need a reference digital cable. Otherwise performance will suffer. You also need more good power cords. And if you change your Dragon XLR to Black Cat Tron, the sound will change.  
Lumin upgrade
@jimboman Yes, without a doubt. It also opens up and sweetens the sound.  
Lumin upgrade
@jimboman The Isotek syncro uni is usually used for hum, as you mentioned, but it's a kind of a secret that it always improves the sound. I think it's a big part why I can listen to my stereo during the day now.  
Lumin upgrade
@jimboman No amp hum, but the Isotek syncro uni has always improved the sound when used with my amp. It also improves the performance and listenability of the Lumin.  It lowers the noise floor and gets rid of the bass muddiness.  
Lumin upgrade
I have the U2 mini, and its sound will vary depending upon the quality of the linear power supply used with it. I'm currently using an Antipodes S60 LPS with it, and I'm very happy with it.  Add an Isotek syncro uni DC canceling unit, and the Lu... 
New- HiFi ROSE RS130 Ultimate Network Transport
I heard no discernible difference between the RS130 and the Lumin U2, they perform basically the same when paired with the AM Toubadour V and the Okto DAC8 I've read the RS130 caches the file for playback. I would imagine that it would be more ... 
Isotek EVO3 Syncro UNI
Syncro Uni is really a no brainer upgrade. I’ve had the Syncro cord in the past, but I wanted to be able to use my own power cords. And that’s also the drawback with the unit - it gets expensive requiring 2 power cords if you’re using good cords... 
High quality in-wall UL-C2 rated 10-gauge A/C wiring ?
Had you hired a reputable licensed electrician for the install he would have told you it does not meet the National Electrical Code for branch circuit wiring. CL2, Class 2 cable. I was told by an Audience dealer that the Hidden Treasure in wall... 
@lalitk Brinkmann Nyquist MKII doesn’t sound like digital at all. Brinkmann voiced it to his turntable.  It was a paradigm shift for me in that it didn’t sound like any other DAC. You can hear Brinkmann’s uncompromising vision for digital in thi... 
Lumin U2 vs Aurender N200
The new Lumin models with the new processing engine is a big step forward from the older models. I have a U2 mini running off linear power supply and it’s so good I’ve never even thought of upgrading.