Question about Classic's edition of Merc 90006

I am trying to identify a sealed copy of Merc SR 90006 which I assume was pressed by Classic Records. If you own a copy of Classic's edition of this album, is there anything printed on the back cover that identifies the LP as made by Classic Records? Also does your copy have the "Produced, musically supervised ....." mention on the rear cover as indicated below?

My sealed copy does not mention Classic on the rear cover and is identical to the cover on my original pressing but adds one line of text not on the original. On the original, at the very bottom of the rear cover, is a rap about Living Presence Stereo (2 paragraphs worth). Below this and close to the bottom left edge of the color back picture is this expression "Printed in USA". On my sealed copy there is a line of text between the Living Presence Stereo rap and the Printed in USA mention. This line indicates: "Produced, musically supervised and 3- to 2-channel conversion by Wilma Cozart Fine".

Thanks for your assistance.

My copy of the Classic Records reissue includes the line you mention: "Produced, musically supervised and 3- to 2-channel conversion by Wilma Cozart Fine"

There is nothing on the cover that indicates the album is a reissue or issued by Classic Records.

FWIW, the 33rpm Classic Records reissue is disappointing to my ears: bright, edgy and lacking in natural timbre. The 45rpm reissue, on the other hand, is absolutely superb. A truly amazing piece of vinyl.
Rushton, thank you for the info. Confirms my guess that I have a Classic reissue. The album was part of a bunch of LPs I acquired at a reasonable price. It will go into my to-be-sold stack. Thanks again!