Question about double run cables


I am wanting to order a single run of Goertz cable for my Magnepan MG12's.

I wanted to order a 7 foot pair of MI2's. But my dealer told me he is currently out of MI2. He told me he can give me a double run of MI1 for the same price. Note, this would not be a bi-wire cable, it could be two cables using the same connector, making a double run.

The MI2 is exactly twice as big as the MI1, so by doubling up the MI1 it would the the same gauge equivalent of a single run of MI2.

My question is, sonically would there be any difference?

Also, how good are the Goertz banana connectors? I have to use bananas on the magnepan end, but I am thinking about them for my amp end, for ease of hookup in a tight space.

Essentially what I mean is shotgun wiring with two smaller cables to make a bigger one?

Anyone have any experience with this?
Our listening tests indicate that this can be very effective - I would think it is worth a shot. Since it is "different" ... just be sure to have the ability to return them if you are not satisfied.

Yours in Music,